Past President

Note:- N - Nominated, * - Indicates deceased      

CA. Subodh Kr Agrawal N
2013-14, EIRC
member_image/Rahul Roy.JPG
CA. Rahul Roy *
1998-99, EIRC
member_image/S K Dasgupta.JPG
CA. S K Dasgupta N
1987-98, EIRC
member_image/A C Chakrabortti.JPG
CA. A C Chakrabortti N
1984-85, EIRC
member_image/P K Mallick_President.JPG
CA Pransanta Kumar Mallik *
1978-79, EIRC
member_image/P M Narielvala.JPG
CA. P M Narielvala *
1975-76, EIRC
member_image/S K Gupta.JPG
CA. S K Gupta N
1973-74, EIRC
member_image/M C Bhandari.JPG
CA. M C Bhandari *
1970-71, EIRC
CA. C P Mukherjee *
1960-61, EIRC
member_image/G basu.bmp
CA G Basu *
1952-53, EIRC

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