Chairman Message

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,


"God grant me the Serenity to accept, The Things that I cannot change.

The courage to change the things that I can, And the wisdom to know the difference"

          With this prayer, let me walk into my work station, amidst greetings of the cheerful and energetic council members and staff.  We are in the initial period of scorching summer.  Climate change is essential and a universal truth.  This perennial change of season leads nature to present its best.  Likewise, in our profession we have a perpetually changing work environment.  There can be no denying that we are based in a profession that is continually finding new and better ways to service the interest of society.  For our professionals to maintain this vital ability of being conversant with the latest developments and to be able to serve the interest of the society, we  require tremendous honing of the skill sets and development of new skill sets  to unfold further avenues of growth.    There would be more opportunities and fresh challenges.  As partners in nation building, we can ensure to take our profession to  the next zenith.


In the words of John F. Kennedy “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”. The Institute thus stands aloft in imparting the constant and continuous professional education to its members. The importance of education is evident by the greater heights of glory and recognition that we achieve in life.  Let us continue our quest for knowledge . To sum up on education, I quote in the words of Sydney J. Harris "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows". Let us all be part of ushering in a new era of professional attainment of excellence, let us elevate our profession and the ICAI to greater  prominence of glory. In this context, I would also like to call upon our members to take keen interest in learning the various aspects of the GST law which is now knocking our doors. The members then in turn need to be mentors to the society and service their social responsibilities of being educated. The society is expecting a lot from the fraternity. We need to propagate the knowledge and do a lot of hand holding exercise. Let us all stand together and join hands with the Government in smooth implementation of the law. Let us tender  our keen involvement in this transition process. I would sincerely request my members to urge various trade bodies to organise GST Awareness Events and to play a role of resource person and involve in deliberating at such events. It would be great if they could associate ICAI as knowledge partner and give due coverage of the same. The members can send the news of such events with photographs to EIRC at


Regional Conference

EIRC takes pleasure in announcing its 42nd Regional Conference at Science City, Kolkata. I take privilege in extending my personal invitation to participate and make this event a grand and fruitful one and hence request all to block dates 22nd & 23rd of December 2017 in your busy diary for the same.  The complete details would be shared at EIRC Website and through other communication channels.  Also you may take note of various upcoming CPE programmes given in this Newsletter and register for it as per your convenience.  All  Regions conference titled " Sangam-the Confluence of Knowledge" is scheduled to be held at Darjeeling and I heartily invite members to attend the same.


Allow me to take you to the world of those few amongst us or the family of our professional brethren who left this world or those who are lesser fortunate. They crave for our attention, financially and morally. The CA Benevolent Fund helps them; but without our support can the needful be done? It is time that we contribute towards this fund. It is my desire that the entire membership of the Eastern region becomes a member of this fund and contributes regularly to the cause of our professional brothers and sisters. It gives  utmost satisfaction when a member or their family who had applied for financial assistance calls me and thank for being assisted by ICAI. Let us all contribute as it is said Charity begins at home. I have observed that many of our members are trustees of various charitable and social organisations and contribute towards social cause. I would urge all our members to at least start with a membership contribution of Rs.2500/- only and be member of the CA Benevolent Fund.


Before I sign off, I must say that the key to the success of EIRC has been the belief in ourselves.  Every member of the Eastern Region has chipped in with his contribution towards the great cause of achieving excellence in whatever we do.  I urge upon everyone to come forward and join hands and take proactive steps to soar still higher.


We adore our Profession!

            We salute our Institute!

                        We respect our Council!

We are proud to be a "Chartered Accountant"



With warm greetings,


CA Manish Goyal

Chairman, EIRC

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