Chairman Message

Dear Professional colleagues,
Our Institute is a creation of statute.  We derive our strength from it and discharge the responsibilities placed on us by regulators and tax authorities.  The period July to September is a busy time for every CA whether in practice or in service.  The task of finalizing a balance sheet, filing tax returns etc. happens during this period and to top it all-important festivals demand our time.  We have to forsake the joy of festivities owing to the statutory duties.  But as a professional, we have lived up to the expectation of the authorities concerned and will continue to do so as we always believe in the adage “Institution above Self”.
Continuous knowledge enhancement is the key to our existence and unless we update we would become obsolete.  Whether in practice or in industry every one among us shall enhance the horizon of our knowledge so that the professional within us continue to serve the Nation with quality.  It is rightly said, “Success is a journey and not a destination”.  Although, we professionals enjoy a premium position in the business and the economic world, there is always a scope for adding value to oneself both in terms of profile and knowledge.  We also have unique concept of CPE, through which updating of knowledge takes place on continuous basis.
As Chartered Accountants, we have always followed the path of Justice, we are confident that all of us have positive outlook of the future.  We need to play our part to rededicate ourselves to the growth of our nation.  We at the Regional Council are determined to make our best effort in strengthening the profession and empowering it to meet contemporary challenges.
We have taken few initiatives with a belief to be able to enhance our services towards our esteemed members and students.  To keep up with the ever-transforming technology, EIRC has introduced their exclusive Mobile App, which is currently available to Members only.  There are exemplary features in the same and we urge upon all to kindly download the same.  This Mobile App has a unique feature to search members by their name, location or professional interest.  Another step is towards digitalisation of the EIRC Library. We have plans to  make effective the  Library at your doorstep wherein you find the available book from the Website and instantly order the same and within 3 days the book or publication reaches you at your doorstep and also collect the same back from you after a stipulated period of time back to Library to be made available to others as well.  We hope for the best in this initiative and we require your blessings. The Kiosk has been installed at two of our offices which will help members and students visiting these offices to fetch data of their need and importance.
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been one of the key things that has caught the attention of the market given its implications on earnings of companies and we professionals are the most fortunate lot to have mastered the subject in comparison with other professionals.  However, there is no time for breather;hence, constant update on the subject is the bare necessity.  For this, the next Certificate Course on GST is scheduled in the month of October and interested members may register early to take learning from experts all across the country.

Mega Career Counselling Programme & Convocation  EIRC has actively involved itself in the two very important functions of our beloved Institute, one is spreading awareness about our new course curriculum at the 1st ever Mega Career Fair and the other is the Convocation.  It was heartening to see more than 1000 students turning up from various schools and colleges to attend this mega event. This event reflected the faith which these educational institution and students have in the profession of Chartered Accountancy.  
On the very next day we have had our Convocation wherein we have embraced our new professionals who have joined in the elite group of members of our Institute.  This  day is a nostalgic one and a day of remembrance for all participants wherein the most coveted  tag the two letter  CA was  prefixed before one’s name and it  would remain even beyond this mortal world , donned with pride and valour.
We had the opportunity to celebrate the 71st Independence Day with a difference this year. It was encouraging to see members and their families coming forward to participate at the cultural event held on this auspicious day. A Sub -Regional Conference was held  on 20th August at Raniganj , hosted by Durgapur & Raniganj Branch of EIRC along with Purulia Study Chapter, the daylong event was inaugurated by none other than our Past President CA.Subodh Agarwal. In the month of August we had organised seminars on various new avenues for the professionals like MSME, Bankruptcy & Insolvency , Mergers & Acquisitions .Since Tax audit deadlines are on the anvil , we have arranged seminars on relevant topics in September , which will guide the members in efficient completion of professional assignments. We have taken an initiative to do away with presenting mementos to our guest speakers and instead plant 02 fruit saplings in their name . I along with my council members visited a village Santuri in purulia district to start this initiative and we were happy to adopt a small tract of land for such plantation as a part of our go green initiative. 
EIRC had successfully started the coaching centre for CA students for CPT & IPCC which is running smoothly. The coaching is imparted to the students at reasonable cost and at almost half the price charged by private coaching centre. We are now starting the coaching for CA Final Students from October. 
Hope and believe that everybody must have enjoyed the birthday of “Lord Krishna”, Janamasthmi.  Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy ‘Id Ul Zuha’, and believe that the festival will strengthen the bond and unity.  The joyous, festive mood will continue further in the forthcoming Durga Puja, a festival, symbol of love and success of “Justice over Evils”.
In light of the transformation, and the positivity associated with it, I would like to end on this note:
“Change is hard at first, Messy in the Middle & Gorgeous at the end…” – Robin Sharma

With Warm Regards

CA Manish Goyal
Chairman, EIRC of ICAI

Team Eirc