Chairman Message

Dear Professional Colleagues, 

At the outset let me offer my heartiest wishes for ‘68th CA Day’ to all my professional brethren. This day means a lot to all of us. It has the same significance as our birthday. It is on this day our alma mater was enacted and we all are the offspring of its existence.  I would like to mention with humble pride that our beloved has stepped into the 68th year of its glorious existence - a year when we are celebrating our glorious existence for these long years, which also coincides with the big day of the rolling out and inauguration of the mega GST regime.  Our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has entrusted upon the responsibility of inaugurations of the new Indirect Taxation regime upon us, which all arms of our Institute spread across the country have taken it forward to inaugurate the same in a befitting manner.  Believe me the GST is not a destination based tax , but it is the destiny of our country. The celebration which have been attended by members and students alike, succeed in inculcating and cultivating the sense of patriotism and belongingness in our minds – a believe on which our profession is standing strong.

Following mantra of our Hon ble Prime Minister to "Reform, Perform and Transform”,  the government is working at exceptionally fast pace harnessing best of technology, taking out-of-box policy initiatives keeping in mind all strata of society. We as an institution are responding to the needs of all stakeholders including the government and have been  appreciated for taking the initiative of GST.  This very day will be marked as a Red Letter Day wherein the Hon’ble Prime Minister would also himself launch the New CA Course Curriculum from New Delhi.  It is a great matter of pride and honour for all of us in the fraternity.

At National level, the 15th Presidential election wave is at peak along with the election of Vice President of our country.  As the responsible citizen of this largest democracy, we welcome and honour who ever may emerge as the next successor.  The collective wisdom of not only our fraternity but also our circle of influence can truly affect the future course of our great country.  We are indeed true partners in nation building as we have taken up the responsibility to bring about betterment of society.

CPE programmes - an effort to close the knowledge gap
EIRC believes that acquisition of knowledge is a continuous process and Chartered  Accountants are the willing participants in this process in order to remain professionally viable and meaningful. With a view to help members updating their knowledge EIRC organises CPE programmes on professional topics which are at once varied and numerous. Able and effective speakers are invited from all places of the country to present quality lectures and views from renowned experts.  I request all to kindly refer Page 4 of this edition of EIRC Newsletter and also the EIRC Website for all updates of forthcoming programme.

Recently EIRC have jointly organised with other 4 Regions the All Region Joint Conference from 24th to 26th June 2017.  The Almighty God have been with us and the Siliguri Branch of EIRC who could successfully host the same at Chalsa. Though with lot of revision, rescheduling but with utmost efforts, dedication and perseverance , it got the shape it deserved, ignoring the hassles and problems faced due to the recent unrest in the hills of West Bengal.  I join with all my team to offer our heartiest gratitude for the yeomen effort put in by the whole team of Siliguri Branch of EIRC.  It also deserves mention that apart from Chairmen of other Regions, dignitaries like Past Presidents, CA Sunil Talati, CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal joined the programme.  Council Members, ICAI from our Region have also joined to give us the required encouragement to make the mega Conference a success.

I know a very busy schedule is ahead for the professionals looking to the last dates for finalization of accounts as well as the tax returns. This is a period when everyone works round the clock and therefore, I would like to wish everyone all the success.  In today s world, the success of any institution or an organization depends on the quality of ideas and belief systems of the people and I am sure that with the efforts which my professional brethren is putting we are bound to be one step ahead.

EIRC also take this opportunity to proclaim about putting all its endeavours to be of assistance to all its esteemed members and students.  Going with the tempo of the same, we present before you the all new, revamped EIRC Mobile Application wherein all would get to the gateway of the Institute in ones hand.  Going hand in hand, we are also going to present you Kiosk machines initially at both the offices of Kolkata wherein all required information can be fetched, viewed, queried in an automated manner without any human intervention.  We hope the above would be an added feather in the cap of our initiatives to our stake holders and we invite further suggestions for improvement of services towards our brethren.

I also like to request all my professional brethren to kindly spare their articles, students to join for the National Conference for CA Students organized by Board of Studies of ICAI on 14th & 15th July 2017 at Kalamandir wherein participants would benefit with the quality deliberation on various topics of contemporary relevance for the CA Course as well as for self-development.

It is just less than six months to the Regional Conference and we are gearing up to give you a memorable experience and will try to give our best to be innovative and give you a Conference that you will remember for a long time. So please block your dates to be with all of us on the 22nd and 23rd December 2017 for the 42nd Annual Regional Conference at Science City, Kolkata. 

Before I conclude, let me put forth an important adage which is truly inspiring and motivating for me and believe as well may be for all

Swami Vivekanand -  “All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”

Wish you all a very Happy CA Day.

With warm regards,

CA Manish Goyal
Chairman, EIRC

Team Eirc