"The Council of ICAI is pleased to notify the setting up of a Branch of EIRC at Tinsukia District with effect from 3rd January, 2014.

The jurisdiction of the Branch shall include the following cities falling within Tinsukia district:

1. Digboi

2. Margherita"

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Branch Co-Ordinator
List of Managing Committee for the year 2016-17

CA Manish Goyal

CA Sashi Bhushan Goel

EIRC Shashi B. Goel & Co.

EIRC shashigoel.g@gmail.com

Phone : 9435035491

CA Ramesh Kumar Agarwal

EIRC Ramesh Krishanu & Associates

EIRC rkrishanu@yahoo.co.in

Phone : 9435134481

CA Manish Agarwal

EIRC Manish D.P. Agarwal & Co.,

EIRC mdpanco@yahoo.co.in

Phone : 9435035358

CA Ashish Sharma

EIRC Ashish S Sharma & Co,

EIRC sharmacaashish@gmail.com

Phone : 9435393474

CA Ankur Jain

EIRC Ankur B.L. Jain & Company,

EIRC cajainankur.88@gmail.com

Phone : 9864235140

CA Munmun Saraf


EIRC munmunsarafca@yahoo.co.in

Phone : 9435036123

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EIRC Tinsukia

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