Vice Chairman Message

CA Sonu Jain

Vice Chairperson-EIRC

Dear students,
Every sun gifts a fresh new morning. Every time I Write to you, I find myself filled with delight ! 
Traditionally, festive season is over. Memories of rejoicing still reverberate amongst us. Tireless working for half-yearly account closure is over. preparation  and revision for examination is over. Main Examination is almost just a while away, it seems. I wish everybody all the luck. One thing to remember that no true attempt goes awry. No non-initiative comes into effect. 
Integrity and unity of new TEAM EICASA , I must say , is worth proudly mentioning. I have been observing how energetically and sincerely they are getting themselves involved into every initiative being conceived and implemented. 
In the month of October we have organised a total 24 nos. of activities. This includes social activities like Share-n-Care, Cloth Distribution to the needy lot of our society, Amendment Class and Revision Class for the students who will be writing November 2017 Examination, Mock Test and doubt clearing session for the Mock Test Examinees. Though a number of students participated in this session, a great attempt taken by the HO-BOS, but I would have been happier if a considerable lot would have been participated. I advise not to let any single opportunity being created for the welfare of the students escape your route. 
November would also be a month of replete with events with special emphasis area being for CPT Students since they would be smelling the season of Examination from this month. We have kept Revision Classes for CPT students. Both Offline and online registration are open for it. Being a part of holistic grooming of our students , we are organising a seminar on Communicative English in November itself. Apart from, Educational Tour to Calcutta High Court and CAB and an Industrial Visit would also be organised. 
We only aspire that on your way to becoming a successful Chartered Accountant, you get everything useful from our students’ association which works almost round the clock for you. They have but one single aim to get you successful, to see you successful. 
Wish begets wish. I wish that the wish of EICASA go successful. They may tread the untrodden path towards getting you successful , which would , in the long run , make our country a proud and corruption free nation. 

Best wishes, 

Team Eirc