Vice Chairman Message

Dear students,
While writing to you, for a moment I went back to my school days where in the class my teacher once quoted the words of George Bernard Shaw that “Life isn t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"
I firmly believe that we spend much of our time in finding what others are doing and why “I cannot do.” This in course of time develops a negative feeling within us for others. We should try to think positively and should cherish on the fact that “I can do something which others may learn from me”. We should spend our time in building confidence and a positive attitude in shouldering responsibility be it in our home or in our workplace. This I am telling for Chartered Accountancy – as a course and profession, demands a lot in terms of how much we can work effectively taking into consideration our patience, communication with our peers, quality time management, skills set acquired, effectively handling adverse situations, properly reporting to the higher authorities etc. The students should keep in mind that these things cannot be achieved in one go as it takes a sprinter years of practice to set a world record. I advise the students to be focussed in their target so that they can reach their goal. The vision should be there. The dream to achieve big should be there so that when it comes to real life we do not loose heart if a little remains unachieved.Everything lies in what we believe and what we foresee in the time to come. These things which I am telling you may seem difficult when you are going through my write up but if you try once then you may overcome this fear of failure. 
From the month of September our festive season is starting. We have to take part in the festival activities and as well keep in mind that Examination is also knocking at the door. Our endeavour will be to maintain a consistency in our studies amidst all these distractions so that we do not loose the pace that we have builtfor months.  
September 2017 is also a no less memorable month in terms of organising events by EICASA since we are organising a number of Crash Courses for IPCC Students and Seminar on GST,Revisional Classes and Crash Courses. Dotted in events, September 2017 would be a month of activities serving the technical purpose of the students.
You are well aware that we have already received the dates of IPCC / FINAL Mock Test from the Head Office. It had commenced from 18th August,2017and will continue till 14th September 2017. Applaudable initiative from the Institute that the Mock Tests are being conducted under the umbrella of a uniform structure in the length and breadth of the country. Do not let this opportunity go for, it helps the superlative to get acquainted with the in-depth analysis beforehand. Also requesting everybody to attend the Orientation Session to be followed by the Mock Test. This month we will also be organising the Regional Level Quiz Contest,  Crash Course and Revisional Class.

Echoing the introduction today, I would request again that time is long, if you use, and time is storm if you misuse. So, do not be ravished away by time, be the master of time, success will be yours.

Best of luck

Team Eirc