Vice Chairman Message

CA Sumit Binani

Vice Chairperson-EIRC

Draft Message of EICASA Vice Chairman

The beginning, it is said, is only the start of a journey to another beginning. As I begin my new role as Chairman-EICASA from 27th February, 2018, I wish to make a new beginning with renewed vigour to scale new heights of excellence and rectitude in diverse ways. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Let us take that first step together and re-dedicate ourselves to our chosen goals.

It is indeed an honour to serve as the Vice Chairman and Chairman of the student body of the EIRC of ICAI. When I look back at the distinguished history of EIRC and EICASA and the leaders who have served it with such distinction, I feel humbled. I am extremely grateful to the almighty and all my well wishers and the members and students of ICAI, my council colleagues for reposing their faith in me in leading the forward march of EICASA. My new responsibility is both an opportunity and a challenge. I hope that I will continue to enjoy your support to attain our collective goals.

I also wish to take this opportunity to congratulate TEAM EICASA for their relentless efforts followed by enthusiastic initiative that have been instrumental to today’s high of EICASA. Being adjudged as one of the meritorious performer by ICAI, EICASA has proved that it is working that works. Our TEAM EICASA, with their sweat and sanctity, is making every programme a grand success! I wish all their dreams may come true.

I do also advise my dear students to keep a regular watch on our website ( for updates on several programmes being organized by EICASA. We are receiving number of queries from students regarding seminars on various technical topics. EICASA is also thinking on arranging seminars, symposia and workshops on subjects like Public Speaking and Interpersonal Skill etc. for a well-ahead grooming. Dreams are many. Spirit is limitless. Mind is vibrant. We would definitely make it to success!

Dear Students, I am quite confident that your continued enthusiasm & involvement in various initiatives will provide impetus to put in more energy and increase your zeal to touch your goals. This is a joint endeavour and I seek your whole hearted involvement and enterprising ideas to translate our goals into reality.

Wishing you Happiness

CA Sumit Binani



Team Eirc