Vice Chairman Message

It is a matter of great pleasure to be on this chair of EICASA Chairperson. Further to rejoice to celebrate completion of one month of being on this chair.

I congratulate TEAM EICASA once again for their relentless effort followed by enthusiastic initiative that have been instrumental to today’s high of EICASA. It is needless to mention that mere dialogues won’t do. It is working that works. A Beautiful bridge may be planned by an engineer. But it is perspiring labours who grounds the bridge. Our TEAM EICASA , with theirs sweat and sanctity , is making every programme a success! I wish every of dream of them may come true.

Last month there was a great number of programmes on different topics of students’ interest. Every programme was attended by a good many students. Unique programme like Educational Tour to Reserve Bank of India was also organized and students are keen on participating in more such events. In this month, we have also organized a seminar on English Writing Skill while in the upcoming month a seminar on Communicative English has also been conceived. Details have already been published in this issue.

I do also advise my dear students to keep a regular watch on our website ( for updates on several programmes being organized by EICASA. We are receiving number of queries from students regarding seminars on various technical topics. EICASA is also thinking on arranging seminars, symposia and workshops on subjects like Public Speaking and Interpersonal Skill etc. for a well-ahead grooming. Dreams are many. Spirit is limitless. Mind is vibrant. We would definitely make it to success !

This time Head Office has taken a decision of holding Mock Test on the same date across the land. By the time this issue reaches you, many of you have already appeared in the test and amongst them a considerable lot have already come to know the result through our website. From now on, this would become the custom. Answer papers would be evaluated. Marks-list will be hoisted in both our Notice Board and eirc website and checked answer papers would be handed over to the students. Please take mock test very seriously since it would help you all to get a serious evaluation beforehand.

I extend my very best wishes to the May Examinees. Please remember that success is not climbing up a ladder ; it is a continuous effort to reach perfection. Prepare yourselves keeping this in mind. For any query, please feel free to write to

Let me log out this time with the earnest of myself to return to you soon in the next month.

Best wishes,


(CA Sonu Jain)

Vice Chairperson, EIRC


Chairperson, EICASA

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