Vice Chairman Message

Time flies. It is really so. It seems that I closed my eyelids and on opening it is three months erased ! Let me quote Robert Browning ; how rightly and with what simplicity he expressed this universal feeling – “petty done , vast undone.” During these three months I have tried harder than the hardest towards introducing newer and novel approaches into the entire functioning of EICASA which in the long run would effectively add to the well being of the larger lot of CA pursuants. But time is running fast and I have come to realize the fact that movement is a steady and continuous process. You have to be strong and strict towards your vision to reach your mission.

The month of April has always been a month of breath-taking as well as challenging month for our professionals. The magic of this profession lies in the fact that pursuants of this profession also get the opportunity to taste and share this challenge , for being in article-ship. They do shoulder responsibility entrusted to them by their employer. They disperse in various corners of the country with the purpose of auditing , work and get hands-on experience and exposure to the profession. This way they get both the opportunity of learning and slowly getting into the profession , understanding at the same time the magnanimity of our profession. I am sure that the irksome month would definitely ensure your involvement with the profession.

Our Institute is such an organization which always seeks for betterment. It keeps pace with the flow of time and consequent upon it moulds and modifies itself. This can be proven by reflecting upon the making of its website. Day by day, ICAI is developing its website extending its ambit and providing various opportunities for students enabling them to getting almost everything for study simply screen-touching. Let me remind them also that use technology for your study keeping yourselves away from different allurements of it. I am confident that you do have the guts to focus on your solitary goal of reaching the zenith.

From May , we are entering into the month of study-festival , for it is the month of Examination – a month full of fearful happiness and excitement. I wish all the examinees heartiest wishes in advance and pray for their success.

Let me take this opportunity to announce that this time in May and for the first time ever in the history of EICASA, we are all set to go for a study tour to Bangkok and Pataya.

Preparation of National Convention has also been enthusiastically started by EICASA. We are expecting a great pull of almost 1600 participants in this congregation. It will be held at Kalamandir on 13th& 14th July 2017. You are advised not to let go this opportunity from away from your way. It will be a programme full of congregation of innovations. Please get yourselves registered or else you would be repenting upon not doing. We are also organizing Branch Level Elocution & Quiz Contest at EIRC Auditorium , Russell Street on 24.05.2017 , notification of which has already been hoisted in the EIRC Website and printed elsewhere in this issue. Please register yourselves for participation. It costs no price and a priceless experience.

Miles to go before I leave and your cooperation, suggestions, proposals and exuberance is craved for. Mind is always full of ideas and minds of the youth are spilling over with concepts and perceptions. Let’s get them their own proper place. Come to EICASA. Discover and reserve your place. Do something innovative. Let’s get together for the sunniest purpose of taking part in re-building our parents’ land.

Leaving with the craving to reach to you just after a short break of one month.

Best wishes,


(CA Sonu Jain)

Vice Chairperson, EIRC


Chairperson, EICASA

Team Eirc