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Live Performance by members of EIRC on occasion of Independence Day

Live Performance by members of EIRC on occasion of Independence Day

Dear Colleagues and responsible citizens,

We are pleased to inform you the EIRC of ICAI has taken an initiative to celebrate the 74th Year of Indian Independence in a unique way and with a practical outlook in order to ensure  the National Integrity in this dystopic present scenario the entire nation has been undergoing. 

It is THE moment to vouch for a prosperous country where every citizen would be promised the basic needs to survive in a comfortable way and without being denied their fundamental rights that our honourable Constitution has defined.

Tentative Dates: The said programme may take place on any of the dates amongst 08/08/2020, 15/08/2020 or 16/08/2020 to be notified later. 

Venue: You are requested to find a suitable place of your choice and showcase your performance from the said place, ie, you need not to visit the Institute premises for exhibiting your performance. 

Live telecast: The programme will be live telecasted on GoToWebinar to members of EIRC. 

You are requested to choose any of the following performances on the date of the programme:
1. Dance Performance
2. Short play of 5-15 minutes duration
3. Recitation
4. Pantomime of 5 minutes duration
5. Instrumental performance of 5 minutes duration
6. Any other performance proposed by you can be considered.

Proposed theme: CA/ CA Profession / Indian Independence . You can also propose the theme.

Expression of interest:Request you to please express your interest for exhibition of talent by filling up the Google Form clicking at:

Request your whole-hearted participation and pay your tribute to the nation on the occasion of our day of liberation from the shackles of British Tyranny. 

We also request you to propose any other theme as you find the most relevant for this auspicious moment that best expresses and highlights this moment. 

May please note that performance of this programme is solely meant for our esteemed members of EIRC, though one may seek support from non-members to make his or performance most vibrant.

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