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Sale of old/non-moving publication items from EIRC premises, (Russell Street)

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EIRC is going to sale its non-moving publication items lying in its stock at 50% Discount on MRP.  A list containing the name of ICAI old Publications is attached. 

Members who are interested in purchasing the said publications are requested to kindly follow the following steps:

Step 1: Please email your requirement at with the name of book, author, quantity required etc. (as per the hosting)

Step 2: You or your Authorized Representative will visit the EIRC Accounts Dept. (at ICAI Bhawan, 7, Russell Street, Kolkata- 700 071) on the specified date and time only after the publication Section of EIRC confirms the availability of the same items in return mail with a specified date and time for purchase.

Step 3: Mode of purchase by Cash to be paid to the Accounts Dept. 

Please note this offer is valid upto 15th February 2021


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