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LIVE Webinar for students in the month of May,2020.

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We are happy to announce that SSEB,  BoS(O) is coming up with the series of LIVE Webinar for students in the month of May,20 spanning over a period of 8 days. This series of webinar will help the students in enriching their knowledge and Skill Sets. Eminent speakers from various walks of life will be sharing their views and experiences with the participants.

These LIVE webinar are free and are available to all the students. Students can view these LIVE webinar on their mobile phones, laptops, etc. The LIVE series of webinar commences from 15th May till30th May, 2020 (Every Friday /Saturday / Sunday) from 7:00 pm - 8:30pm. The details of the webinar are as :

Sr. No.

1. (15thMay)
CA. Jay Chhaira, Chairman, SSEB
CA. Rajendra Kumar P, (Central Council Member)
I have a Skill-Set & Will-Set to be a Chartered Accountant.

2. (16thMay)
CA. Raghu Iyer, Bahrain
CA. MohitSinghal, Gurugram
Skill Development (Add on to Professional Qualification)

3. (17thMay)
CA. Vijay Agarwal, Faridabad
CA. Ravi Gwalani, Raipur
MS Excel as a Helping Tools for Finance Professionals

4. (22ndMay)
CA. HemantKoushik, Jaipur
CA. Divya Chandra, Prayagraj
Importance of Article ship and Industrial Training

5. (23rdMay)
CA. Ganesh Sharma, Canada
CA. Abhishek S. Dhamne, Pune
Overseas Opportunities for CA and CA Students

6. (24thMay)
CA. Dheeraj Sharma,  Gurugram
CA. AnkitMaheshwari, Jaipur
Learn to get Success beyond Dreams

7. (29thMay)
CA. Shahnawaz Khan, Bahrain
CA. RichaLunia, Bikaner
Self-Motivation and keep your Passion alive

8. (30thMay)
CA. Abhishek Jain, Delhi
CA. SharadAgarwalla, Guwahati

Time Management and Study Strategy

The students can login to the LIVE Webinar by clicking on the link

You are requested to popularize the programme amongst the students of your DCO/Branch by uploading the complete details in the Regional/Branch website and through social media.

Kindly Stay Safe, Be Healthy and follow the advice and precautions issued by the Government from time to time for fighting against COVID-19.

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Students Skills Enrichment Board, BoS (Operations)


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