Anti-Express for Beginners

An Anti-Axpress is the opposite of a Parlay. A Parlay wins if all bets pass, and an Anti-Axpress if at least one bet fails. Only one legal bookmaker offers this type of betting – parimatch pk.

We bet on Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool to win. We need at least one of these teams to lose or draw for the Anti-Axpress to work.

What bets you can use to build the Anti-Axpress.

Any of them, that are in the line. The choice is big – you can bet on the winner, handicaps, totals, yellow cards, exact score.

How many matches you can bet in Anti-Axpress?

As many as you like. But remember, the more events in the Anti-Match, the higher the probability that at least one event will not pass, and thus the lower the odds. It is optimal to include two or three events in the bet.

How the anti-extras betting odds are calculated

According to the formula:

  • 100% ÷ (100% – (100% / odds ratio))

This is how the net coefficient is calculated. Keep in mind that in the end it will be 3-11% less because the bookmaker will deduct his margin.

Let’s look at an example

We have chosen three events:

  • Sevilla victory over Real Madrid at odds of 2.50
  • Newcastle defeat Manchester City at odds of 3.50
  • Victory of Ufa over Zenit at odds of 2.50

To calculate the total odds of the Anti-Match, we first calculate the total odds of the Parlay by multiplying the odds:

  • 2.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 = 21.87

After that determine the probability of passing the express – divide 100% by the odds:

  • 100 ÷ 21.87 = 4.57%

Now we calculate the probability of antiestablishment out of the same bets – it is inverse to the probability of the express passage:

  • 100% – 4.57% = 95.43%

Continuation in the comments below

Let’s convert percentage to odds – let’s divide 100% by the probability of antitesting in percent:

  • 100 ÷ 95.43 = 1.04

1.04 is the coefficient of the antiexpress of three events without the bookmaker’s margin.