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Biggest online poker hand ever played at Coinpoker

Biggest online poker hand ever played at Coinpoker

Recently there was big news in the online poker world. The well-known poker player Tony G has won a pot of over 7.7 million dollars on the website Coinpoker. That is equivalent to almost 6.8 million euros.

Biggest online poker hand

Coinpoker is a crypto-based poker website where millions of poker chips are moved back and forth daily. Tony G is now well known in the poker world, including from the World Series of Poker. Qualifications for this popular poker tournament are offered at the Indian Dragon Tiger casino and Dutch online casino GGPoker, among others.

Lately, he has been in the spotlight more often because of his huge wins on Coinpoker. Tony G previously won a record pot of 1.8 million euros against entrepreneur and casino owner Leon Tsoukernik.

The winning hand

This time, Tony G was playing Pot-Limit Omaha. That is, the betting limit is the size of the pot. At that time, there were 3 players at the table. Pre-flop, they were already raising to realize a pot of $448,000.

The flop showed a Q of clubs, an A of hearts and a 10 of clubs. After a raise from HannibalGetya, the other player folded. Tony G went with the raise of $225,000. This was followed by the one heart 8 on the turn. Player HannibalGetya raised the bet with $903,000 after which Tony G raised with as much as $3.42 million! To his great surprise, his competitor called this bet.

And then the all-important final card... The river showed a 4 of diamonds. Afterward, we saw that HannibalGetya had two pairs and Tony G had one street. So he won a pot of a whopping $7,750,650!

Crypto poker sites are increasingly popular

Online crypto gambling sites like Coinflip are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially with high-rollers. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because of blockchain technology, make it possible to play easier, faster, and for larger amounts than before.

Also, there is no KYC policy in place which protects players' privacy. This is unthinkable for many online casinos but fits well with the vision of the crypto movement.

On Coinpoker you can pay with USDT, ETH, BTC or CHP. The latest cryptocurrency, CHP, is even from the Coinflip economy.

Coinpoker is a crypto-based poker website

Because crypto technology is no longer in its infancy, players now also have the choice of multiple sources of gambling and virtually all poker variants. There are also more and more big players, which adds to the competition.


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