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Formula 1 betting

Features of Formula 1 betting

Auto racing and Formula 1 in particular is not an easy sport to bet on. The outcome of the race can be affected by many factors:

  • weather;
  • pilot's health;
  • condition of the car;
  • track condition;
  • penalties during and before the race (for example, for a violation during qualifying);
  • team tactics for the race.

The fate of the race is sometimes decided by tenths of a second, so bettors believe that betting on Formula for parimatch registration small odds is unprofitable. It is necessary to choose variants with quotes from 2 and higher. Betting on high odds, the player will have the opportunity to be hedged in the live.

When selecting an event in Formula 1 for betting with bookmakers, the following factors should be taken into account.

Specifics of the track

Formula 1 stages are held in different cities and countries. In the 2020 season, 22 races were planned, but because of the coronavirus, this number was reduced to 17. At different stages, the chances of the same drivers are estimated differently.

For example, bets on Formula 1 in Sochi should be made taking into account the high fuel consumption. This has been repeatedly mentioned by the pilots. The track is wide and technically very difficult, it has a lot of corners that need to be passed at medium speed. Pierre Gasly, the pilot of Alfa Tauri team, even called it a "street track", where turns can be passed in the fourth or fifth gear.

When betting in BC, do not forget about the peculiarities of the track, its speed characteristics, width. Weather can have a significant impact on the track.


Bad weather can adjust the course of an outdoor sporting event, but the impact on Formula One is very large. The weather affects the grip on the track, the speed of the race, and the number of pit stops.

In the rules of racing there is a special clause made under the weather. If it starts to rain after the five-minute start signal, the race is postponed to change the rubber to rain.

Starting position

In qualifying, drivers compete for the right to climb the starting grid. The winner of the qualifying heats gets pole-position - the first place at the start.

At some tracks, this position at the beginning of the race is half the success. For example, on the narrow track of the Monaco Grand Prix, the pole position gives a huge advantage. But the configuration of the Silverstone circuit is different, with no restrictions on overtaking, and starting from pole position does not give the driver a big advantage.

Study the track information before betting on a race.


Formula One cars carry Pirelli tires. In 2019, the manufacturer has worked hard on the products by reducing tire wear.

This reduced the number of pit stops and led to less competition in the races. Drivers arrived at the finish line according to their starting positions.


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