How to bet on sports and win

How to bet on sports

If with the second question “where to bet” everything is much easier, the answer to the question “how to bet on sports” bettors (players) are looking for and devoting whole years and not everyone manages to answer it. But we will try to give correct and useful instructions, explaining clearly and understandable where to start and in what direction to move for a beginner.

Familiarize yourself with the possible outcomes and types of bets

If you decide to start betting, the first thing you need to do is find out what kinds of bets you are looking for. Single (a bet on a particular outcome in a match), Parlay (a bet on several outcomes), System (a set of parlays) – these are the types of bets which each reputable bookmaker’s office Parimatch takes. See types of bets for more details.

It should also be understood that bookmaker’s offices do not stand still and are constantly evolving, thereby offering their players a new variety of interesting and even more gambling options for outcomes. So, for example, recently Asian Handicap betting has become very popular. For more details see the types of outcomes (handicap, time match, total, etc.).

A separate place in this niche is occupied by live bets, i.e. bets during the course of the match, which have recently become even more popular. This is first of all due to the high odds, and considering that live bets are considered risky, the adrenaline level of players is off the scale. Nevertheless, a significant number of players prefer to run their game and make bets in this niche.

Choice of sports and competitions for your bets

It should be understood that betting on sports events about which you do not have the slightest idea is complete nonsense. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet on cricket and only bet on soccer, quite the contrary! The thing is that every fan and amateur today “understands” soccer (if it refers to the major games, leagues and championships), but bookmakers know about it really and a lot better. And in order to consistently get even a small profit from betting, the player must know the events at least a fraction of % better than the bookmaker. So beating a bookie in the English or German championship from the start you are unlikely to succeed.

Less popular sports, as well as less important leagues and championships, are another matter. No one says that before you start betting on sports – from the very beginning the player must thoroughly understand and know all the layouts in some, say, the 3rd Norwegian soccer division. But for this you have the Internet with a huge amount of news and statistical information, which will allow over time to become a real expert and professional in your chosen direction.

Thus, sports, like betting, should be loved and given time for it. Therefore, your events for betting should be unpopular sports or unimportant leagues and championships, which together with regular information and knowledge will allow you to achieve a stability of winning at bets.