Instructions, guidelines for writing a resume

Types of CVs according to the information component

Resumes can be conditionally divided into:

  • Professional or universal
  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Mixed
  • Academic

The most common type of resume is the universal resume, which contains structured information by sections, indicating the work experience and professional skills in reverse chronological order.

A functional resume is a more specific document and is written by job seekers who have had interruptions in their careers or short work experience. The chronological type is typical for those who have extensive experience, but not always in the same profession.

Mixed, as the name implies, contains features of chronological and functional. Applicants for research positions compile an academic resume detailing scientific work, publications, titles, awards, and achievements in science.

CV or Curriculum Vitae

The practice of CV submission came to our society relatively recently, since the planned economy, state distribution of university graduates and low competition in the labor market passed into oblivion together with the great multinational country. Now employers are carefully examining candidates for vacancies, not only in terms of professionalism, but also in terms of communication skills, level of intellectual development, passion for healthy lifestyles and physical fitness in particular.

During the interview, the candidate may be asked about their commitment to family traditions, age and often evaluated the presentability of their appearance. If we do not consider the categories of age, gender and appearance as some kind of discrimination, then the above requirements are quite reasonable. The employer chooses the most cost-effective option that best meets the needs of the company.

The term “resume” in the explanatory dictionaries is interpreted as a summary, a conclusion, a thesis description of extensive information. A resume for a job search, respectively, contains information regarding the job applicant’s work activities, education, professional skills, participation in special projects, organizational abilities, academic and/or scientific achievements.

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