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Journalism students produce documentary about casino gaming

Casinos are like a fun-loaded adventure park for the adults. It involves gambling. There are different kinds of games in Casino, like a multi-level game. The 3 most used categories include- the gaming machine, certain table games and games including random numbers.

The best Indian Casinos in 2021 were:

  • Casino Days
  • Jeet Play
  • Mega Rush
  • Olympus Play
  • Dunder
  • Casumo

Online casinos are like the virtual world of these amusement parks. All the fun in Casinos comes from earning money through gambling. The benefit of online casinos is that the players can get amazing bonuses and can take part from remote locations as well.

Although there are a large number of virtual platforms where one can have legal access of Casinos, but the best online casinos in India are:

  • Wheelz
  • PariMatch
  • Caxino
  • 10Cric
  • ComeOn!
  • MegaRush
  • Royal Panda
  • betway
  • Wildz
  • 888

Due to COVID-19, online platform for casinos has achieved huge attention and the engagement has also increased, due to which there have been a lot of movies and documentaries made on and about Casinos which show every kind of plot, including the fun involved, the heights achieved and the downfall as well.

One such documentary is “Generation Gamble” which includes how social media has influenced and changed the trends in gambling and casino as well. It talks about how the world is going from a traditional outlook towards online platforms for almost everything which can possibly be done online.

Development of mobile phones has hugely affected and modified the gambling activities and vice-versa, that is, the gambling developers have also suggested and tried making modifications and hence resulting in the development of mobile phones. 

Online Gambling survey expert, Monin Manne has discussed the growth of online casinos and the reason behind their popularisation. ‘

When smart phones had just entered the market, people found it amusing to play games online and so they started exploring more. Online Casinos caught their attention the most.

With the increasing use of smartphones, the game operators also started improving their marketing skills and modifying and changing their UI to more user-friendly one hence attracting more audience and gamers.

The first smartphones were developed in the early 40s, then in 1992 the first smartphone was developed, then in 2007 the first iPhone came into the race.

Online casinos came into race for the first time in the mid 90s, around 1996. Casinos can be played online by downloading the applications as well as by surfing them on the website as well. 

With increasing advancements in smartphones, the game operators also worked harder to achieve a more user-friendly goal and develop better virtual platforms for better and enhanced gaming experience.

There are huge advantages of online casinos, the biggest one being that one can access them from any remote location. Not only this, there are amazing deals from live dealers and great bonuses which the players usually enjoy.

Smart phones have developed from 0G to 5G (coming soon in India) and from Android to ios. 

With increasing interest in online casinos, the mobile companies also worked harder to change and improvise their smartphones in order to provide the users with better gambling and gaming experience.

The mobile applications of casinos can be downloaded on android as well as on ios. There are games which do not require any download, they can directly be played by signing up on their website and accessing them from the web itself.

For a better gaming experience, a strong network, high-tech smartphone and a user-friendly online platform is needed, which would be an amazing combination for the users and would help them in experiencing the best.


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