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Making money with offline betting

Playing in Parimatch Thailand over the Internet is very modern. But there are people who prefer offline betting.

If you are in this category, here is a selection of simple rules:

  • Only your own decisions. Do not go along with those who pretend to be professionals and give advice. For your loss will only be responsible for you;
  • Have a clear picture before your eyes. The lack of necessary information in the actual bookmaker's office is many times less than in the one on the Internet. You need to be aware of this;
  • Be prepared for possible delays in the payment of winnings. For example, there simply won't be enough money in the till to give it to everyone who won on a given bet;
  • If you are very lucky and become a lucky bettor - there is a chance that the management of the bookmaker's office will put you on the "black list" and close the door in front of you;

Is it possible to make money from betting

It is possible to make money on betting in bookmaker offices, but it must be approached responsibly and professionally. Choosing "your" sport, it is necessary to know it thoroughly. Be sure to conduct a detailed analysis of the selected outcome of events. Choose a suitable strategy for yourself and agree to be cool. Only in this way you will earn on a bet.


There are a lot of training courses on the net. Some of them are useful and helpful, while others are "sucked out of thin air" and worthless. There is no "magic pill", otherwise all the offices would go bankrupt and stop working long ago.

Few players support themselves through betting. If you want to join their ranks, make a firm decision that it will become your main job and start developing in this direction. There are plenty of opportunities in the twenty-first century.


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