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Match analysis is a proven way to make a profit

The Importance of Match Analysis Before Betting on Sports

Having opened accounts in a bookmaker's office, having familiarized yourself with the rules, having decided on the risk management, it's time to get down to business. It's time to choose matches, search for good betting options with high enough quotes, collect information about clubs, competitions, etc.

Collection of offers from bookmakers

Explore all the suggestions. First, look at the services superficially, after which you can begin to research them in more detail. By updating the information on an event, you will be able to automatically know that there is a good object for bet Indonesia. Often you will need to conduct a detailed analysis of the match, and then decide whether to place a bet or not. If you need to analyze the game you intend to bet on, then you do not have enough information about the participating teams.

Sincere confidence

The most popular betting method is to select an object based on a sincere confidence in a certain outcome. First, select an object based on your inner conviction, and then proceed to check the proposed coefficients. This is the algorithm for an ordinary player. Often, ordinary players decide to place a bet long before they know the offered odds.

Statistical analysis of the match

The outcome of a duel often depends on its type. Is it a national team match, a cup game, a championship match or a friendly match? Cup matches are more difficult to predict, especially if the cup is not too important.

Especially beware of cup finals. Even when in the media one of the teams seems to be the obvious favorite, this is still the final match and the likelihood of an open play is quite high.

What league?

Many agree that the Italian Championship is easier to predict than others. Matches between favorites and outsiders rarely end with unexpected results, and in matches between the best teams, a tie is very common. English football scores are not easy to predict at the start and end of the season. In the middle of the season, they are predictable. The German Championship has become less predictable than some time ago. But here the favorites are still stable at home.

The importance of the duel

The best clubs take part in a large number of matches, so they have to give priority to certain tournaments. After all, it is unrealistic to give all the best in every competition, since the physical load on the players is colossal. These clubs often have semi-reserve squads in non-priority tournaments. In the early stages, the strongest teams put on a significantly changed roster.


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