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Divorce of parents - how to preserve the relationship between relatives (part 1)

If the divorce of the parents still took place, how to maintain the connection between former family members? Planning and raising with the help of creative potential Communication of a child with grandparents and grandfather of the former spouse? There were those times when divorced families should have been waiting for months to get any news from each other. Today's families are largely dependent on modern communication methods to support contact. But how should the parent keep the relationship between their children and the farm grandmother and grandfather? Especially if the grandmother with the child spent a lot of time? How do children experience divorce?

Combining traditional methods of communication, new technologies, and small creative potential, parents can help their children to support intimacy with grandparents, living far enough. Even if the period of time between visits seems insurmountable, your children can still contribute to the development of love with their grandparents who will provide them with high attention and divorce parents should not be a hindrance to this.

With young children, it is often difficult to talk on the phone, as the conversation is one-sided and delivers the inconvenience to the elderly. Add a few of these proposals to make a conversation more appropriate. Before you type the phone number, start the conversation. Remind children, something that happened lately or the event they visited. More children who cannot talk at all on the phone, it is recommended to make several notes or draw a picture of things so that they remember that you need to tell Grandma and Grandfather.

Often some children are difficult to explain that the person at the other end of the telephone line cannot see their actions. Remind them that instead of just nodding your head, you need to answer asked questions.
If the grandfather hears badly, make sure your children understand that they should speak clearly. Remind that if the grandfather ask you to repeat, they have to do it with a loud voice.

Even if grandparents live very far, they should always be aware of the current interests of their children. If they know what children do, they will be easier to ask about this hobby. If your child is difficult to understand what we are talking about, you can take the initiative to ourselves and clarify the language it is understood. Everything you need to know about casino sign up bonus no deposit collected on our website in one place


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