Redemption of bets in the BC

What is a cashout function

The concept of “cashout” came to sports betting from trading on the stock exchange. Function “cashout” in betting means the situation when the bookmaker pari match account verification redeems the bet from the player even before the end of the event. The amount of redemption offers the bookmaker’s office.

Cashout in betting is used for insurance in two cases.

  • The match develops according to a favorable scenario, and you take the profit early. You will be given less than when you win the bet.
  • The match develops in an unfavorable scenario, and you withdraw your bet early. The amount of the return will be less than the amount of the bet.

When to redeem a bet at the betting bank early

Let’s look at examples, when redeeming a bet at a bookmaker’s office via Cashout will be useful.

  • You bet on Barcelona in a match against Real Madrid: The odds on the win was 2.50. Messi and company led 2-1, but in the 80th minute one of the players of Barcelona received a red card. The chances of a win for the Catalans are not so high, but the odds are under 2.50. With the cashout option you not only insure yourself against a loss in case of a draw or a Real Madrid win, but also get a share of your potential winnings.
  • A couple of days before the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, a bet on a total of more than 3.5 goals seemed optimal to you. You made a bet, but before the start of the event, you learned that the coaches gave a rest to the best strikers. You can use the cashout option with minimal losses.
  • You bet on Spartak against Zenit. The odds on a Red and White win were 3.80. While watching the match, you see that the Red and White do not create any dangerous chances and try to hold on to the draw, while the Petersburgers attack. By taking advantage of the “cashout” option, you can get back a portion of the bet you made. That’s better than nothing.

In order for the “cashout” feature to make a profit, one condition must be met: (current odds) (betting odds). The redemption amount will be greater than the bet amount when the current odds for your event are less than the odds at which you bet on that event.

Pay attention to the following nuances.

  • The redemption amount is always less than the potential payout on the bet if it wins. You will never receive your full winnings.
  • The “cashout” function is available both before the event and in real time – in play. However, for some outcomes, betting buyout is not possible. There is almost always a cashout for bigmarkets.
  • Experienced players use the cashout option to reduce losses. When a bet doesn’t go in, bet buyout allows you to reduce losses.