The effectiveness of slots strategies

Aggressive Strategies

Techniques of this format can easily apply both experienced gamblers and novice players. The main condition is the presence of a large bankroll. The use of aggressive strategies is recommended mainly for machines with jackpots.

The most popular methodology is the “One Play” (One Play). It involves making just one spin, but at the highest possible rate. With a successful spin, users get a really big winnings.

What to do with the payment, the gambler determines. There are several options for the development of events:

  • withdrawal of winnings;
  • continuation of the game using moderate strategies. In this case, bets are made on the won credits. The original deposit is retained;
  • Running another slot machine and using One Play strategy.

The latter option is also applied in case of failure during the first rotation.

There are several strategies for playing parimatch slots online, which, if properly applied, will help significantly increase the amount of winnings.

Parlay system

The main feature of the system is its simplicity and the possibility of using it in various types of gambling games, including slots. Unlike other gaming systems strategy provides an increase in the rate only if you win. So, the next bet should be equal to the first bet the amount of winnings in the previous round. When losing the bet does not change. The strategy makes it possible to win a large sum, and the probability of winning is extremely high, it is desirable to check initially in demo games without investing real money.

System Martingale

A classic game strategy, the main essence of which is to increase the size of the bet in case of loss. So, each new bet after losing should be twice as high as the previous one. The system is based on the theory of mathematical probabilities, sooner or later you will fall out a winning combination, and all the money will be won back. The disadvantage of the strategy is that it is often necessary to invest a significant amount of money before wagering.

The Pyramids system

The strategy was developed and presented by the famous French mathematician, based on the theory of balance: the more the player loses, the higher the probability in the future a winning combination (also works in reverse: the more often you win, the lower the probability that the next bet will play). The essence of the strategy: after each loss the bet size is increased by 1, when you win it is reduced by 1.

One Bet a Day System

The name of the strategy speaks for itself – a player should not make more than one bet per day on the same slot. It is desirable to choose machines, offering progressive jackpot. Advantage – even if fortune is unfavorable, big money just can’t be lost.