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The rules of a quality express

Temper your greed

Expresses can be different. There may be several differences:

  • The size of the final odds;
  • The number of outcomes included;
  • Types of bets used.

Of course, the number of elements and types of bets play a big role, and we'll talk about that later. But the first level, the size of the odds plays a key role. It is clear that the larger this figure is, the higher profits can be made. Many beginners are fond of assembling combinations of events with the final odds of 100, 1000 or more.

In this regard, we would like to point out two important truths. First, $ 1200. you can lose not only parimatch bookmaker wah-bank one bet, but also plummeting 100 expresses of $ 1. If the indices are very high, hundreds, thousands, it is only a matter of time before such amount of bets is lost. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the point with probability. Winning with odds of 100, given the margin, even with an objective assessment, which never happens in practice for such high values, has a probability of winning much less than 1%. That is, at a distance of only 1 out of 100 expresses will win, and the rest will lose. And no one guarantees such a clear distribution. Winnings can happen earlier as well as much later, somewhere after 200-300 attempts. Which promises significant financial losses at a distance.

Profitable and unprofitable components

As already noted, the odds may or may not reflect the actual probability of the outcome. There may be trivial mistakes made by the bookmaker in quoting, then the odds will be higher than they should be. These are the so-called blind bets with an advantage over the line. Assembling expresses exclusively from such favorable outcomes significantly increases the final probability and frequency of winnings. The only problem is to learn how to analyze the matches competently, to find such profitable variants in sufficient quantities.

On the other hand, the odds can be greatly undervalued as a result of deliberate manipulation by the bookie, or due to "overloading". Such overload occurs if public opinion considers any outcome to be a sure thing. A crowd of "pops", "iron hunters" will rush in and put a lot of money on it. Under this pressure, the quote on the given shoulder will go down, and the quote on the opposite shoulder will go up. So, odds that are undervalued for one reason or another should not be taken in expresses. Again, identifying such outcomes is available with experience. So play wisely, analyze your actions, identify and correct mistakes, and not repeat them a hundred times in the future.


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