What does individual total in sports betting mean

If you have doubts about the outcome of the match, study the individual total, what it is and when it is profitable to bet on it.

Individual total in sports betting parimatch official site is used if there is no confidence in the result of the match. But other factors should be taken into account. In this article, we will analyze what the individual total means, its types, examples in soccer, tennis, hockey and basketball, as well as when to make this bet.

What is the individual total in sports betting

Individual total is a bet on the number of actions of a team or player: the number of goals, points, pucks, fouls, corner kicks, yellow cards, sets, games and so on.

You bet on more or less than a certain number:

  • ITB#(x) – a bet on the individual total is higher.
  • ITM#(x) – betting on the individual total less, where # is a team number, x is a specified number.

Examples of bet denotation in soccer and hockey:

  • ITB1(1.5) on goals – the owners will score more than one goal against the opponent.
  • ITB2(3.5) on goals – the guests will score at least four goals.
  • ITM1(2.5) on yellow cards – the hosts will receive no more than two warnings.
  • ITM2(20.5) on shots on goal – the guests will hit less than 21 shots on goal.

Betting on individual totals: types and examples of calculations

There are two types of individual totals:

  • Halftime. In it, there can be no return.
  • Whole. This type of bet has a return.

Let’s look at examples of betting on the individual total in soccer and basketball.

  • You bet $100 on the individual total of 1 more than 2.5 goals in the Primera Division match between Barcelona and Valencia for odds of 1.80. If Lionel Messi and company score at least three goals, the bet wins, the payout is $180: 1000 х 1.80.
  • In the NBA meeting between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, you bet $200 on the first team’s individual total of less than 99.5 points for 2.15. If the hosts with LeBron James score 99 points or less, the bet goes in, you get $430: 100 х 2.15.

At the expense of the whole total, you can increase the odds or hedge your bet.

For example, you think that Atletico Madrid will not concede more goals from Real Madrid in the Primera. You can take ITM2(1.5) for 1.40, but for 1.85 there is a bet on ITM2(1).

Betting on ITM2(1.5) is more reliable, but ITM2(1) has a higher odds. If Real Madrid doesn’t score, either option will do. If Atletico concedes exactly a goal, the first choice will lose, and on the second choice there will be a return.

Let’s imagine that in the NHL game “Washington Capitals” – “Ottawa Senators” you want to take ITB1(3.5) for 1.80. But decided to reinsure and bet on ITB1(3) for 1.45.

If the hosts score exactly three goals, the first choice will not go in, and on the second – the bet will come back. If Washington has four or more pucks, both picks will play.