What is Anti-Axpress in betting

In a nutshell, an antiexpress is the opposite of a standard parlay. In this article, we’ll tell you a few tactical options on how to use it:

  • Winning all favorites. Add matches of the same championship to the Anti-Match Parlay. The probability of a win by all favorites in the domestic championship is relatively low.
  • Bet on totals. Using this tactic, it is better to take matches from different championships. It is recommended to play on individual totals, or rather to bet on ITB of the outsider and ITM of the favorite.
  • Antiexpress defense. Events that will take place at different times are collected in the betting slip. If all bets in the betting slip have played, except for the last one, it is possible to make a single bet with the parimatch bet apk opposite event in order to win in any case.

What strategy to use

The optimal strategy can be considered an antiexpress, which includes betting on favorites. After European cups the leaders often lose points, so collect in the coupon such matches. It is reasonable to bet on victories of favorites in the last rounds of the domestic championship or the group stage of the Champions League. It is worth paying attention to the Europa League, where many top teams play with reserve squads.

Example of Anti-Express

Let’s take the APL matches as an example:

  • “Manchester City v Crystal Palace, P1 with odds of 1.08
  • “Newcastle vs Chelsea, P2 at odds of 1.57
  • “Liverpool vs Manchester United, P1 at odds of 1.45

Antiexpress odds: 1.37. In the first match there was a draw, and in the second match Newcastle won. So, despite Liverpool’s victory, the bet turned out to be a winning one.

Advantages and disadvantages of antiexpress

The main advantages of the bet:

  • high probability of winning;
  • Opportunity to minimize losses in case of loss.

The main disadvantages of the bet:

  • Low final odds;
  • Increased bookmaker’s margin.


Despite the fact that the probability of winning is high, the disadvantages of antiexpresses are quite significant. It will be very difficult to make a profit at a distance, as it is quite difficult to collect an anti-extra hand with high odds. And playing at low odds, you need to winrate as much as possible.