Which offices provide betting from the phone

Express bets from a cell phone

Curious news from the authoritative bookmaker Parimatch. Its analysts have studied the trends of the modern betting market, and noticed an interesting trend: in today’s world with its intense rhythm express bets are becoming more and more popular. Only for less than 2020, this office has already made ten payments to lucky winners, which thus “raised” a huge amount, not less than $100,000 each!

Apparently, the bookmakers themselves weren’t hurt either. They have presented a new option for their clients: the Pinnaclesports website now allows them to place bets of this type simply on the move, using a parimatch mobile platform and their own cell phone. Moreover, the developers boast that they have used the latest innovative design, making it as simple and fast as possible to place a parlay. Of course, it should be appreciated by the customers themselves, but it is worth noting that it is already clear: it has become more convenient to follow different events from different markets, because you can add a dozen items to your ticket in the “favorite” section, and after that the selected item starts highlighting in green. From there, you can simply approve these items in one click – and all of your selected bets will be collected in a full game coupon. And, opening it, you can make a final choice of the bet type. This can be an ordinarius (for which you select the option “Simple bet”) or a combi (then touch the icon “Express bet”).

At the same time, the developers of the new option have provided the player with a wide range of options. For example, already at this stage it is possible to edit the bet via cell phone without deleting the prepared parlay. For example, the button “X” deletes one of the events, and through search it is possible to add new components to the bet. In addition, the current odds are displayed all the time at the bottom of the game coupon, which allows you to determine for yourself whether the risk is worth it and how much money can be placed. If everything is okay, you just have to click on the option “place a bet”, after which it still needs to be confirmed, which guarantees against erroneous bets.

By the way, not so long ago, one player won $70,000 on such a parlay. Moreover, he also blames himself, because he risked the minimum – only one buck. If there was no option – he would not have made a bet with a cell phone, it is possible that then he would have “burned out” and lost his chance at a huge prize. Who knows, maybe the next lucky one will be you? After all, interesting offers are always available at the bookmakers’ bet – go to it via mobile to make sure of it right now!