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Why cyber sports can no longer be ignored

The complexities of bookmakers - the players' benefit

How do bookmakers Parimatch official site put odds on an event? When calculating the line, many criteria and indicators are taken into account, but one of the most important roles here is played by the statistics of teams and players. From this comes an important advantage of betting on eSports.

On the professional eSports scene, only a few teams keep their lineup for at least one year. Here and there there are new mixes of players who have lost teams. Young players make their way into semi-professional leagues and qualify for major tournaments, where they are sometimes found by more experienced eSports players and put together new teams. This constant flow of newcomers makes collecting statistics for bookmakers simply impossible.

Very often the odds on the favorites against these "new" teams are around 1.2. Meanwhile, the newly assembled teams of young guys, when they come to a tournament, light up when they see the huge audience and the scale of what is going on and show unbelievable results.

It's not just the inspiration of the new teams and the difficulty of gathering statistics that lead to unexpected results. The fact is that Dota 2 and CS:GO are difficult not only for the player, but also for the developer. There are always unresolved strategies, imbalances in the game that they try to remove with patches, that is, edits to the game mechanics. Constant updates are another reason why rookie teams quite often take, if not first, then at least prize places, defeating those who were considered clear favorites.

Because of these complexities, cyber sports betting sites may offer completely different odds for the same event. This indicates the shortcomings of the bookmaker's offices, which, in fact, is convenient for those who have sufficient information to play.

Convenience of match analysis

Unlike traditional sports, in Dota 2 and CS:GO the player gets additional options that can help the correct analysis of matches. For example, in Dota 2, the "Dota TV" tool is available. Going into the game and clicking on the "View" section, you will see a list of games currently going on, with the top games being those of the people with the highest rating (better known as "mmr"). These are, for the most part, professional or just famous players.

Yes, all you have to do is select the "player's eyes" option, move your cursor off the screen and voila: all screen movements, button presses and generally all player actions are on your monitor. It's not only beautiful, but also very useful: you can analyze the last tournament match ten times through the eyes of all players, or you can look at the training of someone specific player in a regular rating match, thus observing the player's form and his abilities (as they say in Dota, "skill").

All this is complemented by numerous broadcasts on streaming sites like twitch, where players broadcast themselves and their screen (again, if you compare it to soccer, this is the same as Cristiano Ronaldo streaming live on Instagram from Juventus' training).


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