Editorial board writes

My Dear Professional Colleagues,
 I am writing this communique in the fourth month of my Chairmanship at EIRC. For the last three months we have gone through a very difficult time of lockdown and now we in Un-Lock 1. This transition phase between Lockdown and Un-Lock is very important as we have to control this panademic and at the same time have the wheels of the economy moving. Initially it may seem difficult as the entire concept of business and finance has changed and the Govt. and the entrepreneurs have to look forward for a new business environment. In the Un-Lock 1 period when the Govt. has allowed the opening of offices, shops and other establishments in a phased manner and everything is slowly moving towards a normalcy, we the Chartered Accountants have to adapt ourselves to this changing phase of the Indian Economy that will take a more definite shape in the months to come. The Govt. at the Centre has announced lot of financial measures for the Small and Medium enterprises in order to boost the Indian Economy in this crucial period which is Unlock - 1. 

A New Platform for Knowledge Sharing – Virtual CPE Meetings (VCMs)
The Institute in the last three months has organized Webinars on variety of topics of interest for its members and students. These webinars for members were mainly for Unstructured CPE Hrs. Now the Institute is organizing Virtual CPE Meetings (VCMs) with Structured CPE Hrs. for its members so that apart from disseminating knowledge the members can also earn Structured CPE Hrs. The facility of organizing VCMs is also extended to Regional Councils, Branches, Study Circles and Foreign Chapters. The Committees can also have Joint Programmes with Regional Councils and Branches. 

Virtual CPE Meeting with Structured CPE Hrs.
EIRC is now organizing Virtual CPE Meeting with Structured CPE Hrs. on Virtual Platform mode. We have already done the first of its kind on 31st May on GST with CA Jatin Christopher and CA Gaurav Gupta as speakers. On 6th and 7th June we have organized VCM on IND AS. IND AS  116 by CA S B Zaware, Past Council Member, ICAI on 6th June and on 7th June CA Chintan Patel took IND AS 21 & 12. On 10th June we had VCM on Capital Market where we had speakers like CA S P Tulsian, Mr. Atul Suri and Mr. Sanjiv Bhasin. On 13th and 14th June we have organized VCM on IND AS. On 13th June IND AS 28 was taken by CA Vijay Muralidharan and IND AS 27 and & 102 was taken by CA Dr. Gopal Raju and on 14th June CA Kishore Parekh took IND AS 110, 111, 112. On 17th June VCM on Shell Companies & Auditor Safeguards taken by CA K Sripriya, Former Council Member, ICAI 
Grievance Resolution Mela
A Virtual Grievance Resolution Mela was held on 19th June. Such Mela was organized to address the grievances of the Members and Students as the office is closed for more than two months and the members and students could not interact with the office staff for their query settlement. More such Mela will be held in the months to come.  
Free Webinars and VCMs in YouTube Chanel of EIRC
EIRC has organized 250+ total no of webinars for each of members & students in virtual mode. You can view the recordings of these Webinars and VCMs from the links given in EIRC website (eirc-icai.org). To subscribe to these programmes visit the YouTube Chanel of EIRC available in EIRC website. Subscribe at https://bit.ly/2KhDINk

I earnestly appeal to all the members to donate generously to the CABF Fund. This fund is specially created to provide financial assistance for maintenance, education or any other similar purpose to the family members of a deceased member whether subscriber to the fund or not. To known more visit icai.org

CSR Activities 
The Institute has taken various CSR initiatives to support the Govt. in this period of uncertainty. The Institute from its own fund has donated Rs. 15 crores to the Prime Minister s Care Fund and another Rs. 6 Crores has been raised from the stakeholders including Members, Students and Employees. EIRC has also given a call and appealed to it’s Members and Students to donate Rs. 1000. Those interested in giving  donation may visit the ICAI website to know the Bank Details and the purpose of the fund.

I would request all of you to stay safe and always use musk while going outside.
Warm Regards,

CA Nitesh Kumar More
Chairman, EIRC


Case Studies
You are invited for expression of interest for development of Case Studies. In the New Scheme of Education and Training, the assessment of elective papers at the Final level is open book and case study based. For this purpose, expression of interest is invited from experts in different subject areas to contribute to the development of case studies. For expression of interest, please click link below to google forms https://forms.gle/YQLryW3MMVRjEeFw7

Career Counseling
Eastern Region of ICAI wants to conduct webinar (education through a virtual mode) for 2-3 hours jointly with schools/colleges for students of class 9 onwards on topic proposed by  schools/colleges for 2-3 hours , followed by 30 minutes Career Counseling program. We request you to provide contact details of School or College and its Principal/ Dean/ Trustee / Teacher / Professor /Auditor, whom you know, so that we can approach them.  The virtual platform on which the webinar will be conducted can be provided by us or school/college. We request you to fill up the details (even part of details can be provided) of your reference on the following link: https://bit.ly/2UKwuS4

The Career Counselling Group constituted by Board of Studies, ICAI is organising a campaign in the form of Career Counseling to popularise CA Course among the Students of classes IX onwards. If you have a flair for Career Counseling and marketing and persuasive skills to convince young students to take up CA as a career option then you are invited to be part of this campaign.
What you need to do? 
1. You have to select the School / College and inform us. 
2. Powerpoint presentations will be provided by us. 
3. Your empanelment with the Career Counseling Group of ICAI at ccg.icai.org, If you are not we will provide the support for your empanelment as Student Counselor with the Career Counseling Group of ICAI.   
4. Compensation will be in the form of Honorarium of Rs. 3000 plus applicable GST as per ICAI Guidelines. 
If you are interested to join as Counselor, please fill up the details of yourself by downloading the Google form from the following link: https://bit.ly/2UKwuS4

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact Ms. Sushmita Sen, Student Counselor at Email: erobos@icai.in by stating your Name, Membership No., Mobile No.

Team Eirc