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EIRC Chairman Message

images1.jpg Dear Professional Colleagues,

I am writing this communique to you in the seventh month of my Chairmanship. While I am writing this communique to you, my eyes are full with tears and I could not move my pen. My mother whom I owe a lot, have just passed away in the last month. I remember that day, when I touched her feet while I assumed office as Chairman of EIRC. With her blessings I worked as Chairman for the service to the members and students and I will continue to do so in the future. 

We have given representation to ICAI HO for  the Waiver of Membership and COP fees for the current financial year. We had send 10 draft representations to HO for approval so that representation can be send to State Governments / Government Authorities of our region on various issues.

Grievance Helpdesk
We have opened Helpdesk for handling grievances with Grievance resolution ticketing system.  For your Grievance /queries relating to ICAI please email to

Grievance Resolution Programs
We are regularly organising Grievance Resolution programme where we are meeting the queries of the members and students on a virtual platform.

We have opened Helpdesk in Corporate Laws, Income Tax and GST. The various mail ids are  for Income Tax - Email your queries on Income Tax to
eirc.ithelpdesk@icai.in, for GST - Email your queries on GST to eirc.gsthelpdesk@icai.in, for Companies Act – Email your queries on Companies Act to eirc.clhelpdesk@icai.in,

Free Revision Class
We have organised free Revision classes for students of Foundation, IPCC  and Final.

Research Project
We have send various inputs to Research  Committee of ICAI for their compilation on a research project of ICAI on "Indian Economy - Post COVID  19"

Exposure Draft

We have send suggestions in the form of comment on 5 different Exposure Drafts

VCMs (Structured CPE Programmes)

We have organised Three Day Refresher Course on GST from 16th to 18th July with 1461 attendees, VCM on IND AS 11 & 41 on 23rd July with 1499 attendees, VCM on IND AS 36 & 113 on 24th July with 1495 attendees, Two Day Refresher Course on Accounts & Audit on 29th & 30th July with 508 attendees, Two Day Refresher Course on Code of Ethics on 31st July & 1st August with 917 attendees, VCM on IND AS 16 & 38 on 2nd August with 1218 attendees, VCM on 3rd Set of Accounting Standards for micro and small non corporate entities on 4th August with 1566 attendees, VCM on NBFCs on 8th August with 1471 attendees, VCM on RERA on 9th August with 1474 attendees, VCM on Decoding Tax Reforms & Recent Judicial Pronouncements on 20th August with 1494 attendees, VCM on Changes in Income Tax Return on 21st August with 1494 attendees, VCM on Formation & Taxation of Private Trust on 22nd August with 1495 attendees, VCM on Training Program on Practice Management & other Softwares useful for Members on 25th August with 1494 attendees, VCM on Start Up on 27th August with 1494 attendees, VCM on Tax Audit on 29th August with 1494 attendees, VCM on Excel for Audit on 2nd September with 252 attendees.

Career Counselling
We are organising Career Counselling Programmes with Schools and Colleges of repute on  virtual platform so as to make the students aware of the prospects of the CA course. We have already addressed more than 10 thousand students.

Students Webinar
We have organised more than 50  students webinars.


CA Nitesh Kumar More
Chairman, EIRC

Team Eirc