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We all know the importance of serious articleship which is a key component of the CA curriculum. There is no substitute to hard work. Team EIRC of ICAI appeals to all the esteemed members and students to kindly ponder over the future of our profession and publicise the importance of articleship.

We sincerely hope that our members and students will consider this appeal and realize that any dearth of interest during quality training of articleship adversely affect not only the quality of our future professionals but also the reputation of our belovedinstitution.

Maintenance of documents by Principal for Imparting Articleship Training to the students.

a)      Common Attendance record of the Article Assistant

b)     The original deed of articles in Form 102 (notarized) or executed on non- judicial stamp paper (min Rs. 65/-)

c)      Certified copy of the work dairy of the article assistant

d)     Monthly stipend details with evidence in the form of Bank Pass book/Statement

e)      A copy of Form 103

Calculation of excess leave (Example)

a)      Total period served during 3 years = 1095 days

b)      Leave taken during the above period = 210 days

c)      Period actually served = 885 days (a-b)

d)     Leave Entitled/ Earned (1/6th of 885 days) = 147 days (1/6 of c)

e)      Excess Leave = 63 days (b-d)

Note: Sunday/Public Holidays Not to be considered as leave. For the purpose of preparing for CA Exams, the article clerk shall be granted leave by the Principal for 3 months to the extent due, whichever is less, provided an application for the leave has been made at least 15days in advance. The days (including intervening holidays) on which the article clerk appears for any CA Exam shall not be treated as leave but would be treated as period served under articleship.

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