Student management committee writes

Dear Students


My good wishes to you all. Hope you all are in good health and in peaceful mind. At present there is a rumor about postponement of November 2020 examination. My advice to students is to focus in their exam preparations without paying heed to such unconfirmed news. Success in your exam can be ensured only when you take your examinations seriously and you ensure that you study well, please stay motivated and determined and start working towards accomplishing yours goals.


In the meantime, election process of new managing committee of EICASA for 2020-21 has been completed and the following students have been elected as the new office bearers.


1.      Ms. Shristi Kankaria                        Vice Chairman

2.      Sri Shashank Kumar Agarwal         Secretary

3.      Sri Amit Kedia                                  Treasurer


My Congratulations to all the newly elected Managing committee members and office bearers of EICASA 2020-21. The new team is committed to organize various programs for the benefit of the students. At the end I request each one of you to take the required precautions to keep your self safe from the Covid 19 virus.


Thanking you All


CA Sunil Kumar Sahoo

Vice Chairman EIRC & Chairman EICASA



Team Eirc