Student management committee writes

Dear Students,
          My good wishes to you and your family.Hope you all are perusing your study sincerely; problems are increasing day by day due to increase in CORONA cases in India. Most of the students normally stay in metros and we all know the metros are most affected by this pandemic, so my sincere advice to students, to be more careful about social distancing and hygiene.
Recently ICAI came out with a notification giving the students an option to opt out of July 2020 Exams. As per the new notification a student can defer his/her attempt to the November 2020 attempt without forfeiting of exemption and examination fee. ICAI has also issued FAQ’s in this regard for further clarification, so I request everyone to kindly go through the notification and FAQ’s before taking any decision to opt out of July 2020 exam.
We at EIRC level as well as in collaboration with other units of the Institute have organized many programs for the benefit of the students which are available at EIRC’s YouTube page. The students can view such programs as and when required by them for their benefit.
I, very well know that students face lots of problem when exams gets rescheduled, as their preparation losses the momentum and zeal for study gets reduced, but as you are all aware “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Have the confidence and a bit of patience and I am sure you will succeed.

Thank you all

CA Sunil Kumar Sahoo
Vice Chairman EIRC & Chairman EICASA

Team Eirc