CA Debayan Patra

Chairman - EIRC

Dear Professional Colleagues,

Warm greetings on the 77th Independence Day of our great nation, India. It is with immense pride and patriotism that I pen down this message for the month of August. As we come together, draped in the tricolour spirit, it's a time to reflect upon our history, appreciate the present, and be hopeful of a brighter future having completed 76 years of Independence today.

August is traditionally significant for our profession. The commencement of audits for small and medium companies, coupled with Income Tax related tasks, sets our schedules buzzing. As the tempo of our profession rises this month, I implore each one of you to remember the importance of maintaining the sanctity and integrity of our work. Amidst the busyness of compliances and audits, let's take a moment to remember the very foundation of our profession: Integrity, Independence and Excellence.

YouTube Channel

We consistently upload videos of the virtual seminars we organise on our YouTube Channel (Eastern India Regional Council of ICAI). We also try to upload videos of the important physical seminars whenever possible. You can benefit from these videos by watching the ones that interest you at your convenience to enhance your knowledge. The link to our YouTube Channel videos is

DISHA – The Direction

On July 15th, 2023, the Central Kolkata CA CPE Study Circle of EIRC of ICAI held its prestigious Annual Conference with the theme ‘DISHA – The Direction’ at Hotel The Great Eastern Lalit in Kolkata. Led by Convenor CA. Hari Ram Agarwal, the event was a resounding success, featuring in-depth discussions on topics like Automation, Capital Market, Income Tax, and GST. These sessions were helmed by distinguished national experts. The inaugural event was graced by CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal, Vice President of ICAI, with the entire Regional Council team in attendance. Events of this calibre underscore the invaluable role our study circles play in enriching our wider membership.

H R Meet

On 24th July, under the initiative of the Committee for Members in Industry and Business, we successfully hosted an HR Meet in Kolkata. It was heartening to witness the Chairman of the Committee CA. Durgesh Kabra emphasising the indispensable role Chartered Accountants can play in organisational success. The event was a commendable attempt to bridge the gap between the corporate world and our community, advocating the many ways CAs can catalyse growth in businesses.

Capital Market Conclave

The Capital Market Conclave held on 5th August at the illustrious ‘Dhono Dhanyo Mini Auditorium’ was a landmark event. With the theme ‘Charting Indian Economy’, the conclave witnessed insights from renowned market experts. The august presence of Shri Ananth Narayan G, Whole Time Member of SEBI as the Chief Guest, Dr. Harish Ahuja, Senior Vice President, NSE as Key Note Speaker and Vice President, ICAI CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal as the Guest of Honour elevated the significance of the event. I extend my hearty congratulations to CA. Mayur Agrawal, the Chairman of the Committee on Financial Markets and Investors’ Protection, EIRC of ICAI for orchestrating such a successful conference.

Initiative to Build Capacity of our Members at Branches

On August 13th, 2023, the EIRC of ICAI, in its commitment to empower branch members, held an all-day conference in Sambalpur. This event was hosted by the Sambalpur, Rourkela and Jharsuguda branches of the EIRC of ICAI, catering to members from these branches as well as adjacent chapters and regions. With ‘Digital Mindset’ as its central theme, the conference was designed to bolster members’ technological prowess and guide them in harnessing the benefits of recent tech advancements in their field. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to CA. Pranav Lath, CA. Manoj Kumar Thebaria and CA. Manoj Kumar Sultania Chairmen of these three host branches for their significant efforts in ensuring the conference’s resounding success.

Independence Day Celebrations

Lastly, our Independence Day celebration was a vivid portrayal of unity, pride, and artistic flair. As we hoisted the national flag, our members and students showcased their talents, echoing their respect and love for our nation. The enthusiasm and fervour of the day were palpable, and it was truly a sight to behold.

Revolutionising GST for CAs

On 9th August 2023, we hosted a virtual session featuring CA. Venugopal Gella, who provided insights into addressing GST-related issues through effective use of accounting software. This session aimed to equip our members with the knowledge and tools to enhance their GST practices and improve their auditing proficiency in GST components.


Half Day CPE Seminars

In its unwavering commitment to enhancing the capabilities of Members and their Firms, EIRC has orchestrated a series of impactful Half Day CPE Seminars at ICAI Bhawan on Russel Street, Kolkata. Each seminar was meticulously crafted to delve into pertinent topics, with sessions zeroing in on distinct areas of professional significance, promoting growth and expertise in the domain.


Forthcoming Programmes

In pursuit of our vision, a lineup of events awaits in the days ahead. To stay updated, we invite you to visit our recently revamped website at This redesign aims to offer a smoother user experience for event registrations. If you've yet to set up a profile on our site, I highly recommend doing so to benefit optimally from our streamlined services.

Concluding Remarks

In the midst of our professional commitments this month, let's not forget the importance of balance. While we steer through the demanding tides of audits and compliances, I urge you to take moments of pause, refresh, and rejuvenate. As always, your health and well-being are paramount.

Let's move forward with the same energy, dedication, and pride, not just as professionals but as responsible citizens of this great nation. Here's wishing you a fruitful month ahead filled with growth, prosperity, and fulfilment.


Jai Hind!

Warm regards,

CA. Debayan Patra

Chairman, EIRC (2023-2024)


15th August, 2023