Eastern India Chartered Accountants Students Association (EICASA) is the Students Wings of Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (EIRC of ICAI) formed under Regulation 81 of the Chartered Accountants Regulation, 1988. It is an association knitting 100,000+ students members of the Eastern Region together and providing them a platform to build their networking, learn, share, participate, and perform in the various activities held by EICASA. It provides a channel of communication with the Institute for quick resolution of student-related matters. Any person who enters into articles or audit service shall be deemed to be a member of this student association. The Managing committee of EICASA Kolkata consists of 12 members who are Chartered Accountancy course students led under the guidance of CA. Sanjib Sanghi to be the eminent future torch bearers of the Institute. Elected by the students, they strive to work for the betterment of the students of the CA fraternity.

What does EICASA aim to achieve?

  1. To generate a sense of belongingness among the students studying Chartered Accountancy Course.
  2. To promote the social, Cultural, and Intellectual development of the students.
  3. To organize Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, and Programmes for the welfare of the students.
  4. To Conduct Sports, Youth & Other Cultural Activities.
  5. To organize Trips, Tours to Factories & Industrial Organisations & places of Historical and Educational importance.

Activities Performed by EICASA

  1. Assisting in the education of students in the recent developments in Trade, Commerce, and Industry, especially those affecting the maintenance of their accounts, office routine, and audit procedures.
  2. Seminars, Conferences, Crash Courses, and mock tests on various topics and programs for promoting social/ intellectual / Cultural activities have been organized.
  3. Making representations to the Central and Regional Council on matters concerning the common interest of the students.
  4. Establishing and maintaining Libraries and Reading Rooms for the use of students.
  5. Organizing trips and tours to important factories and industrial organizations and also to places of historical and educational importance.
  6. Organizing indoor as well as outdoor sports tournaments for the betterment of the students including the EICASA Premier League (EPL) and the Annual Sports Meet.
  7. Quiz and elocution competition for students throughout the region and National Level Competitions.

Managing Committee of EICASA

https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Nidhi Sinha_1695039862.jpg
Ms. Nidhi Sinha
Vice Chairperson, EICASA
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Kriti Khandelia_1695040098.jpg
Ms. Kriti Khandelia
Secretary, EICASA
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Prabhat Kr. Gupta_1695040196.jpg
Mr. Prabhat Kr. Gupta
Treasurer, EICASA
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Richa Agarwala_1695040452.jpg
Ms. Richa Agarwala
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Mayank Tarway_1695041330.jpg
Mr. Mayank Tarway
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Om Hari Pandey_1695041422.jpg
Mr. Om Hari Pandey
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Shaibal Mazumder_1695041516.jpg
Mr. Shaibal Mazumder
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Pratik Jhunjhunwala_1695041644.jpg
Mr. Pratik Jhunjhunwala
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Vivek Agarwal_1695041745.jpg
Mr. Vivek Agarwal
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Vivek Sharma_1695041809.jpg
Mr. Vivek Sharma
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Kalyan Singh_1695195905.jpeg
Mr. Kalyan Singh
https://eirc-icai.org/uploads/present_member/Mushtaque Ahmad_1695042190.jpg
Mr. Mushtaque Ahmad