CA Sanjib Sanghi

Chairman - EIRC

Beloved Esteemed Members and Professional Colleagues,

Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about being the change you wanted to see when not at the helm


As the newly elected 68th Chairman of the Eastern India Regional Council (EIRC) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) am honoured and humbled to address you for the first time.

I convey my heartiest gratitude to the entire Team of EIRC and all of you for bestowing upon me this noble responsibility. As we embark on this new journey, I would insist you all to embrace the initiative of “WE” where we all be united and work hand-in-hand for our professional development and evolution of our community as a whole.

I am also looking forward to work closely with all the members, students and staffs of EIRC with great zeal and enthusiasm to scale newer highs of success and achievements as the Eastern Region of our ICAI. I assure you of all justice to my responsibility and ensure to uphold the highest standards of our profession.

During this exciting journey, I would call upon every member of EIRC to adopt Digitization and Artificial Intelligence for all the professional proceedings. As I always say, “The Future is Digital, and the Digital is Now”; we have already stepped into the digital era where we can multiply our productivity using Digital Tools. If we fail to employ technology in our day-to-day tasks, we are bound to trail behind.

In the dynamic landscape of Finance, Accounting and Auditing, with Information Technology becoming the enabler; Chartered Accountants are no more mere number crunchers; they are strategic advisors leveraging the power of technology to drive business success. As the custodian of the economy, we all must embrace ourselves in implementing technology and focus on the scope of multi-disciplinary practices.

Moving forward, I convey my earnest gratitude to CA. Aniket Sunil Talati, Immediate Past President of ICAI and CA Debayan Patra, Immediate Past Chairman of EIRC of ICAI, for their relentless and remarkable efforts in uplifting our profession and our community.

I would like to congratulate the Newly Elected Torch bearers of ICAI and EIRC of ICAI for 2024-25:

CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal – President of ICAI

CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda – Vice President of ICAI

CA. Vishnu Kumar Tulsyan – Vice-Chairman of EIRC and Chairman of EICASA-EIRC of ICAI

CA. Mayur Agrawal – Secretary and Treasurer of EIRC of ICAI

I would also like to convey my hearty thanks for their constant guidance and advice that acts as a  support to me:

CA. Debayan Patra – Member and Immediate Past Chairman of EIRC of ICAI

CA. Ravi Kumar Patwa – Member and Past Chairman of EIRC of ICAI

I would now like to share some of my thoughts to build upon the foundation of EIRC of ICAI that has already been strengthened by my predecessors.

WE – Inclusivity and Togetherness (Theme for 2024-25)


Team EIRC of ICAI during the year 2024-25 has come up with “WE”, the theme for the year 2024-25 and an initiative to promote Inclusivity and Togetherness among the members of ICAI from Eastern region. 

"WE" is a powerful initiative uniting all members of the EIRC of  ICAI in a spirit of earnest cooperation and support. "WE" aids to "Working Equally," underlining our commitment to maintain and uplift the standards of our esteemed community.

"WE" advocate that our strength lies in our unity and willingness to extend a helping hand to one another. Whether it is sharing knowledge, offering guidance, or lending a listening ear, "WE" shall ensure that no member of EIRC ever feels alone or unsupported.

Together, "WE," aim to foster a culture of solidarity, camaraderie and growth among the professional fraternity and beyond. Let's join hands together, support each other, and strive for excellence together, because when we work together, there's no limit to what "WE" can achieve.

Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Fund (Target ? 75 Lakhs by 22nd August 2024)


As “WE” converge for our professional development, “WE” are also concerned about the personal benefits of our members–their families and relationships. This has motivated us to come up with an initiative to raise a sum of ? 75,00,000 (Seventy-Five Lakh Indian Rupees) from the members of EIRC of ICAI for the Benevolent Fund of Chartered Accountants i.e., CABF. We look forward to successfully conclude with this drive by 22nd day of August 2024.

Click for more: https://eirc-icai.org/cabf/



“WE” the Chartered Accountants are an epitome for Accounting, Auditing and Taxation but in this ever-evolving firmament, we need to focus on multi-disciplinary fields. As the old saying goes, knowledge grows upon sharing, I believe that when “WE” come up to share our knowledge and contribute to the development of our peers and fellows, our profession shall be experiencing unimaginable heights of success.

I extend to you this opportunity to all the new speakers contribute to our profession coming forward as Speakers – on topics you are best at. Through our collaborative efforts, EIRC of ICAI shall experience unparalleled development.


Please fill-up this form, so that we can assist you further: https://eirc-icai.org/members/speakers

Digitize to Succeed – Empowering Tomorrow


In today's fast-paced milieu, the role of Chartered Accountants goes beyond traditional Financial Reporting. It now embraces leveraging Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of our analysis and deliverables in our professional capacity. Moreover, we need to implement “Multi-Disciplinary Practices” in our daily workflow and aspire to become a “One Stop Solution” for our clients.

With this vision, EIRC of ICAI organizes numerous seminars and workshops for the members’ enrichment. Team EIRC is also optimistic about signing of MoUs with various software providers for the benefit of the members. Recently, we have signed an MoU with CTracker - A Compliance Management Software (https://www.ctracker.in/), that would provide its access to the members at a discounted price. Keep following https://eirc-icai.org/ for more information.

By automating our regular practice, we can revolutionize how we serve our clients and manage our professional assignments. From streamlining data entry to advanced analytics, automation will provide deeper insights through advanced algorithms. Thus, Technology helps us stay ahead in the curve of this highly professional ecosystem.

Moreover, by implementing Tech-Tools and AI-driven Solutions, we can augment our ecosystem, reduce human errors and offer a broader spectrum of values added to our clients. This not only enhance clients’ satisfaction but also boosts our own professional growth and reputation.

Members’ Benefits

Team EIRC of ICAI is dedicated to the benefit of the members. It is with immense happiness I inform you about an MoU signed with Apollo Clinics. Members of EIRC are eligible for up to 15% discounts on medical tests, free dental checkups, free blood collection services and many more.

The Way Forward

The upcoming journey of our country is going to be fascinating and eventful. As the fastest growing global economy, we the Chartered Accountants play a catalytic role. “WE” as the custodian of our economy should dive into the ever-widening business landscape. Upholding the high standards of our community and leading our profession, to achieving greater heights of success should be our utmost priority.

EIRC of ICAI travels an extra mile when it comes to the development and evolution of the Members. I am happy that we at EIRC experienced some memorable events as I assumed the Chair. Some of those events are:

Felicitation Programme of President and Vice-President of ICAI: The newly elected torchbearers of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal, President and CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda, Vice-President; was felicitated by Team EIRC on 24th February 2024 at P.C. Chandra Gardens (Gold Acres), Kolkata.

Udaan – Celebrating Womanhood and Excellence @ 360°:

On 7th of March 2024, EIRC of ICAI celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 with “Udaan – Celebrating Womanhood” and “Excellence @ 360°” at The Park Hotel, Park Street, Kolkata. Udaan is an initiative to celebrate the inspirational stories of the unsung heroines of our community across the Eastern region of ICAI published in the form of a souvenir to inspire the present and future women professionals. Please click on the given link for the soft copy of the Souvenir: https://eirc-icai.org/members/udaan

All India Managing Committee Members Meet:

AIMCMM 2024 was organized by ICAI on 9th and 10th of March 2024 at ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata with the aim of aligning the activities of its Regional Councils, Branches, Study Circles & Chapters with the overarching vision of ICAI. The theme, “DRISHTI - The Vision for the Profession”, focuses on Digitalization, Research, Integrity, Skills, Handholding, Transparency, and Independence.

Seminar on Wellness by MAAsterG Rajesh Kamra:

EIRC of ICAI jointly with all the Study Circles organized 2 Hours Seminar on Wellness by MAAsterG Rajesh Kamra on 11th of March 2024 at R. Singhi Hall, ICAI Bhawan, Russell Street, Kolkata. The seminar focused on ‘How to see life as an Adventurous Game?’

EIRC of ICAI also has some specially curated events lined up, some of them are:

Kavi Sammelan, Dol Yatra and Holi Get Together 2024: EIRC of ICAI jointly with all it’s Branches, Study Circles, Study Chapters and Study Groups is organizing Kavi Sammelan, 


Dol Yatra and Holi Get Together at Dhono Dhanyo Mini Auditorium, Alipore, Kolkata on

25th March 2024 from 5 p.m. Looking forward to your benign presence on that date with your friends and family.

Seminar on “How to Boost visibility in Social Media?”: EIRC of ICAI is organizing this seminar at R. Singhi Hall, ICAI Bhawan, Russell Street, Kolkata on 23rd March 2024 from 3 p.m. We all know that in this digital era, how much important it is for us to have a digital presence. This seminar focusses on this vital topic to enrich the members. Looking forward to have you on this date.

In the upcoming pages, you can refer to the lineup of events organized by EIRC of ICAI or tune in to https://eirc-icai.org/event/list/eirc for more.

Let us WEave a new story with matchless enthusiasm, unwavering support and dedication, confident in our ability to achieve and conquer. Looking forward to a professionally and academically fructifying year, I recall the golden words by Dr. Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it's done.” 

Together, WE CAN.

Warm regards,

CA Sanjib Sanghi

Chairman (2024-25), EIRC of ICAI